5 Reasons You Should Have a TENS Unit in Your Medicine Cabinet



Top 5 Reasons to Have a TENS Unit

#1) TENS Units are Safe

Some people may be skeptical about using an electrotherapy device because they worry that it’s dangerous. It’s an electrical machine that you use at home, how can that be safe?

Electrotherapy devices (like all medical equipment) are divided into two groups: 1.prescription devices. 2.over-the-counter (OTC) devices. Prescription devices are intended only for use with the supervision of a medical professional. OTC devices, however, are made to be safe for easy home use.

Recently, companies like iReliev.com have begun producing OTC electrotherapy devices for home use. In order to legally market a device as OTC, a company must apply for pre-market approval with the FDA. It’s the FDA who will get the ultimate say on whether or not a device is safe for home use.

Companies like iReliev have produced many OTC electrotherapy devices that made it onto the FDA’s list of approved medical devices. The FDA has deemed OTC electrotherapy devices as a Class II OTC device, this means that they require some amount of regulatory controls to ensure user safety. Devices like iReliev’s TENS unit have these controls built in to their units to protect users.

#2) TENS Units are Effective

There are two explanations as to why a TENS unit works. The first is the gate control theory, which states that a “painful” signal and a “non-painful” signal cannot travel to the central nervous system at the same time. For example, let’s say a person is experiencing pain in their lower back. When they apply the TENS unit, it sends gentle, massage-like electrical impulses. These impulses take the place of the pain.

The other reason why electrotherapy works is that the electrical impulses used in TENS and EMS (ELECTRIC MUSCLE STIMULATION) encourage the release of endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s natural painkiller, named after morphine because they provide a similar high.

#3) History of Clinical Use

Over the last 30 years, electrotherapy has become a reputable treatment used by medical professionals. Many physical therapists, athletic trainers, and chiropractors treat patients with electrotherapy in their offices. This practice still continues, but as electrotherapy evolves, so does its availability. Thankfully, many reputable companies such as iReliev.com offer affordable home-use devices that are intuitive and effective.

#4) TENS Provides an All Natural Relief

TENS, EMS and other electrotherapy treatments use only natural drug free processes to help with pain and recovery. Nothing about it is intravenous. As mentioned above, the electrical pulses stimulate the production of endorphins, the body’s all-natural painkiller.

#5) TENS is Drug-Free Alternative

One of the most appealing reasons to use electrotherapy is that it’s completely drug-free. America is currently facing a prescription-drug epidemic. Many people are forced to turn to Vicodin or other narcotics for pain relief. However, these drugs are dangerous and addictive and take their toll on the body over time.

Using electrotherapy for pain relief, one can avoid relying on narcotics. Nothing about electrotherapy is addictive and it can be used multiple times a day without threatening one’s health or safety. Have you used a TENS unit? Do you have a different product recommendation for drug free relief? Leave a comment below!

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