If you have the question, How can I get help with chronic pain? You are in the right place. A report from the Center for Disease Control & Prevention estimates that 50 million American adults, Approximately 20.4 percent of the U.S. adult population live with chronic pain. If you are living with pain and need information, Like What’s the best chair for back pain? Or does Cold laser therapy help with joint pain? Can a TENS electronic pain relieving unit help with Sciatica? Check out the information here at Drugfreeneckandbackrelief.com for Drug Free Help.

You're in Pain! You are looking for
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That’s why are we here.   

Well, If you are hurting, let us help!  Our focus is on helping you find the highest quality products, from the best suppliers with the highest consumer ratings and at the best prices,  All with products that will give you optimum relief. We are not another online shopping mall. We strive to make people’s lives better every day, pain-free naturally.

When your looking for pain relief, trial and error along with time, patience and money are somethings you cannot afford to waste.  So while you are visiting our site please feel free to check out the free information! Just click on any of the green buttons. Help keep your loved one out of the medicine cabinet! Share this page with any of your friends dealing with pain!

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Let us do the research for you.

Should I buy this one or that one, Will cold Laser therapy work for joint pain? Whats the best Hemp oil for all over pain. We are sure you have lots of questions. This is the purpose of the website, to cut through the B.S. and find the products and companies that have your well-being in mind. We research the products, narrow down the best choices, supply information on each product and why its a value to you. Then we will supply more information and a direct link to purchase!

It’s not a deal to pay less for an item if it does not work! Quality, features, shipping, and warranty, they make a great purchase. Our name is Neck and Back Relief, But this website is dedicated to all forms of pain relief from your head to your toes. These products will help with your Neck, Back, Joints and all over pains.

Find your pain relief here!

My Story

When I was younger I was called Evel Knievel for a good reason! So I myself have dealt with all forms of pain, from motorcycle and automobile accidents, sports injuries, and your overworked weekend strains. I went through a litany of pain medications and pain-relieving devices, most tend to remove your drive to get anything done and a good portion ended up in the garbage.

So let Drug Free Neck and Back Relief take the guesswork out of the shopping experience. Before you fill out another prescription, Before you purchase another device. Check us out! We bring you the best product options for pain relief in one place.

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“The information given on these pages is advice, to find out if it is right for you, first talk to a qualified health practitioner”.

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